Our horses

Breed: Shire
Breed Name: Royal Creek's Lady Ashley
Birthdate: 01-02-2002

She is the first horse I ever owned and my relationship with her is a constant source of inspiration to me.
She is the ultimate teacher for my students and a wise soul. Her energy is very soft and grounded and most people feel very relaxed and fully accepted for who they are the moment they connect with her. She is patient, especially with people that are really searching for true heart connection and want to level with her in practicing equal communication skills. When you are present and listening properly, she will be very soft, but clear in her communication. If you put too much pressure on her or try to get things done without respect of her boundaries needs and feelings, she will reflect that back to you immediately, in a clear, but fair way.

Full Name: Amigo Heavenly Diamond
Birthdate: 0-06-2011
Son of Lady Ashley, his dad is a Singlefooter (Macho: cross Paso Fino/Rocky Mountain Horse)

A special horse with a powerful, playful and quirky character. From day one of his life he already made it to be a game to go under the wire away from his mother to play and run around in the other part of the field, leaving his mother behind in panic, calling for him to return. Amigo has developed himself to be a very dependable co-facilitator for my clients as well and is a very open personality and still a very free spirit. He loves people and loves to interact with them. He has a big heart for everyone and with that characteristic he truly honors his name; he is a real big friend for people and the horses in his herd.