St. Vincent Retreat 2017

Are you ready for a life changing experience in Paradise in the Caribbean?

Exploring the Power of a Heart Connection with Stina’s horses?

While enjoying the magical, beautiful and rich nature of St. Vincent?

Then, register now for the most empowering retreat of your life: 

The HorseSense Connection Retreat in St. Vincent
"Opening your Heart in Connection with Horses"

During this retreat the horses and I will take you on a journey to explore what it is like to enjoy being your true authentic self, while being in connection/relationship with others, communicating and playing with energy, the horses & nature. 
You will learn new skills to authentically connect to and communicate through the heart, with yourself and the people you love. 

The horse as my teacher: 
Just like humans, horses are sentient social beings and in essence they have the same consciousness, awareness and survival- or coping-mechanisms as we do. 
Learning from them, has accelerated my learning in how to expand myself into deeper consciousness and empowered me to follow my joy in life and do what I love doing the most: connecting people and horses to their true nature, through a mindful and heart-felt connection with themselves and each other. 

And because I love to share my joy! 
My HorseSense wisdom and 
My love for guiding people and horses in the mind-body & heart connection 

I invite you to come and play with us! 

Stina’s horses are trained to be in alignment with people through heart-centered communication and follow intention through being attuned to your intention on all levels of connection: mind, body and spirit. This is why they are very sensitive to integrity, congruency and autonomy in the person working with them. As soon as one of those aspects of the person is out of alignment, they will immediately reflect that in the work you do with them. And that is the perfect opportunity to learn how to thrive in a relationship. 

Not only will we work with the horses, but we will deeply connect with each other and learn from each other in circle, practicing alignment and heart-intelligent communication skills. In this circle we learn how to set up a safe space for ourselves and explore what it is like to have a heart-connected relationship with others, while feeling free and safe to express all of who we really are. A space where we can be safe and comfortable with each other so we can learn to trust more and relax into those moments where we feel vulnerable. That place where our survival- and defense mechanisms come up, keeping us away from the place we actually long to be, in our hearts in connection with the other. Learning and practicing these skills with each other in circle AND exploring how to use them in communication with the horses, is a great opportunity to expand your emotional range and open yourself up to following your joy and have the connections and relationships with others you truly desire! 

So please join us and explore the power of: 
• multi sensory and body awareness (physical, mental, emotional) 
• congruent and authentic communication 
• using intention, focus and clear heart-centered communication 
• co-creative leadership & partnership through self-empowerment 
• shifting your perception through awareness, presence and energy movement 

Practical information: 
• Dates: 7 -10 December 2017 
• Experience with horses not necessary 
• There is space for max. 8 participants 
• Workshop price: Normal price €995,-. This includes coffee, tea, water and snacks (excl. lodging and meals) 
Very early bird price (until 31st July): €795 
Early bird price (until 30 Sept): €895 

For more information and registration, please contact Monique: 
Tel.: 06-39219513 

For information about lodging, please contact Stina: