My vision, my journey & my purpose

My work with people and horses is based in the vision that everything and everyone in our universe is energetically connected.
This may sound very ’new age-like’, but the truth is: new science has now proven this to be true. 
So science is actually catching up with what many indigenous cultures and spiritual teachers have already known intuitively for thousands of years.
We are all one. We are all connected, we are all part of the same source of consciousness. Meaning, ALL of us are powerful creators. SO ARE YOU!

It also means that our old ways of thinking and relating to others, based on fear of lack, loss and separation is ultimately not working for ’the new humanity' anymore. As human beings we are all affected by old paradigms and fear-based conditionings and we are all running some program of core unworthiness that create core beliefs in our systems like "not being good enough” or "not worthy of love”. On an individual level you might recognise this in feeling unhappy, unsatisfied or maybe even depressed, depleted an distrusting life and people.

Ever since I remembered that we are all connected, that everything and everyone around me is a part of me, cleverly disguised as them, I started to understand and feel more and more that every being on this planet is intrinsically GOOD and has a equal value and worth, including myself. I specifically include myself here, because I always have had a very big and open heart for everyone around me, including animals and nature, but most of the time I actually left myself out of that equation. I now have the understanding and the tools to experience self love and freely express myself no matter what the circumstances or beliefs and expectations of others are. I learned that my deepest desire to connect from the heart with people in all my relationships, desiring to never feel isolated or disconnected from them, is rooted in my core wounding as a child. And it is in this core wound that I actually found my purpose in life. I found a way to turn my deepest wounding into my deepest joy and purpose in life.

From the age of 22 I studied many approaches to personal and spiritual growth, and I educated myself as a coach and trainer for humans and horses. And on my journey through life I learned most of what I now know from the horses. I learned what it is we need to not just survive but to actually thrive as individuals and how to build a healthy community from a core of deep Love for Self and Others. I learned how to be authentic, how to connect through the heart, how to use my mind in service of my hearts desire and how to take inspired action to be able to do what I love most in life. More recently, since 2013, I connected to a community called Heart IQ, founded by Christian Pankhurst. Through his teachings and way of working with people with what he calls Heart Intelligence, I learned about the Emotional Energetic Dynamics of human Relationships. And I recognised many similarities with my ELFC work with the horses <<my certification is with Kathy Pike>>. So I found my own community in the Heart IQ Network, and resonate very much with his vision on Humanity 3.0. <<learn more about Heart IQ and the Vision for Humanity 3.0 by clicking here >>
I continue to learn and expand my ability to thrive and connect with people from the heart. I have a Heart Intelligent Relationship with my partner and we both regularly connect with people from the Heart IQ Community to continue our learning enjoying Heart Circles and events together. I’m so grateful and feel so much love and compassion for everyone I meet and experience so much love and joy in connecting and meeting others social and emotional needs and inspiring them to follow their joy, their hearts desires, while staying true and connected to my own needs and desires. 

It is my desire to inspire you to reconnect to your self and find your joy and your unique gift and purpose in life in relationship to others and the world around you! 
Because ALL of you, your qualities AND your 'imperfections', they all matter and they are all so welcome! Without them, the puzzle of the universe wouldn’t be complete.

And so it has become my mission to give meaning and purpose to everything I personally experience in life in connection with people and horses. I translate that into basic principles and offer embodied experiences for people (and horses) to understand and reconnect to their own true nature.
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