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Connection Training Tip: Connection before Food

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In this video I share with you an exercises I use in my HorseSense Connection Training™ to communicate with my horse how I prefer to be in contact and communicate with him, from a heart-felt, fair and safe place in working with food.

Here I work with Amigo, my young (almost) 5 year old gelding. Due to his young age and playful character, he sometimes has a hard time focussing and staying aware of my personal space and boundaries. The connection with him during training is almost always there, he really enjoys being and playing with me and loves sharing space, cuddles, kisses and grooming each other. But he sometimes is a bit high in energy and then I need to be able to keep myself safe and will focus the first part of the training then on asking for connection but at a safe distance. In this video I show you several principles I use in my Liberty training and combine them to communicate to him how I want him to behave around food and treats.

If you have any questions or comments, please share them below the video on the Youtube channel and I will answer them as soon as I can.

HorseSense Connection Training™
Training your horse at Liberty - to Online in Hand - to Mounted in a Heart-Centered Connection.

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