What is LOVE?
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  • 20 April 2015 17:31
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  • door Monique
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What is love?

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A short while ago I came across this quote that touched my heart:

"What is love really, other than FULLY allowing the other to be who he/she is?!"

It got me thinking:
Are we as humans capable of this kind of love for our horses? 
Yes we are, but we need to take the time and space to explore our inner world first….

In my work with horses and humans I often come across situations where that love, that true heart connection is definitively longed for, but blocked by our limited minds and/or instinctual survival mechanisms.

To overcome these limitations and mechanisms, all we really need to ‘do’ is be fully present in the moment. Present to what is happening inside of us and witness the energy flow where it needs to flow. Without judgement or wanting to ‘fix’. Just notice, let it be and trust the flow. It will lead you to the endless ‘space of possibility’, love and a wonderful heart connection with your horse.

May you all have a wonderful, heart-connected and sunny spring, with lots of horse time and ‘horse sense’!
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