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Following my heart, embracing my fears

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Wow! I feel very vulnerable but very much driven from my heart to publish this here, now. Please be gentle with me. I'm just a person following her heart, by embracing her fears. 

I do not claim to have all the answers and if you feel offended or compelled to project your reaction (instead of a response from the heart) onto me for writing this, I only ask you one thing: 
Please think twice before you do! 
Thank you 

Being 'inspired' by the worlds turmoil and confusion all around. 
And wanting to live up to my life's motto:
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
 I contemplated on this question today:

How can I as individual take responsibility for my own life (and through that touch the lives of others) without getting trapped in fear and keep coming from a place of love? 

This is the answer that came to me from my heart:

Go inside and find your authentic answer to the following two questions. Find the answer your best/highest/truest self would give by asking yourself these two questions and act upon them accordingly time and time again.

1. Who or what do I need to be?

2. What do I need to do (or not do)?

a) for others (and my my reactive/conditioned self)

to feel safe and comfortable with me
to be able to trust me
and just respect me for who I truly am?

or in other words, for others (incl. my conditioned self) to be able to treat me the way I would like to be treated myself?

I certainly still struggle with my own neediness for others to 'save' me from time to time, but instead of keep projecting what the other person or the world around me needs to do for me to feel better, I went inside and felt what would help me and others to open up and stay connected to love. 
And from that place, I felt the drive to be brave and share my authentic thoughts and feelings about life here. I will step up and take my responsibility here, now.
Because I believe in what we give will always be what we receive. Through all being connected to all. 

So I hope you will you join me and ask yourself those two questions too, every time you struggle with this neediness. And maybe you can add this question too: What would LOVE do?
(LOVE being the true you, the source, universe, the ALL, etc...)
It is a question that certainly serves me well lately.

I believe that the root of our problems in being able to give and receive love accordingly is in our CORE UNWORTHYNESS. 
So become aware of your own and move beyond by reprogramming yourself to start believing that YOU ARE WORTHY of the LOVE. 
If you truly trust and believe that in yourself, in your heart, in your core. 
then you don't NEED the world around you, you don't need the other to fulfill you anymore. 
Because then you KNOW it is already there for you and for everyone. You never lost it, it was never NOT there. You just forgot about it!
Your highest self already knows!!
Actually, your essence is LOVE. 

And yes please: do seek help from others. We humans are relational beings. Through relationships, we grow in consciousness around our true essence.
We don't need to do this by our selves, we can't do this alone.
I believe that we ALL have the same struggle in life around this. So asking for help from others is serving your and their highest self. 
Together we can do this! Not from a place of neediness but from a place of love for our selves and each other (we are all from the same source). 

Taking my own responsibility in being that change I long to see in this world, I will be brave and vulnerable for sharing with you what I believe I'm 'called' to do in this life:
A) I spread this heart wisdom, not keeping it to myself in fear of how others will judge me if I do speak about it.
B) I am that change myself, reminding myself and asking friends to remind me every moment again and again.
C) And because I am blessed in this life with the knowledge, skills and tools that came to me through life experience and my work as a coach for humans and horses, I will use those and pass them onto others who want to learn with me.

So here I am. 
Here I present myself as being one of many awakened souls, ready to connect through the heart and be a guide for myself and others that want to answer their inner call.
Be sure to come from authenticity and I will feel honored to walk along with you in this experience we call life.

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