Heart Connection Circles

A Heart Connection Circle consists of a group of people where we create a safe space in which we can learn how to connect and communicate with others in an authentic free way, while staying in autonomous connection with self and each other. We do this by practicing what is called Heart Intelligent communication and learning about and practicing Multi Sensory Awareness skills.

Why in a circle?
Our emotional blockages and survival- or defense mechanisms have been activated in past experiences, usually in connection with others. The path to restore the free flow of life energy through your emotional and physical body is therefore best restored in connection with others too. The healing power of the safe amplified field that is created by a group of people coming togehter in circle like this is much bigger than creating a space with a coach or therapist in a one-to-one session. This is what we call: 'the magic of the circle'. 

Where and How?
I usually work with 6 to 12 people in circle.
We meet in Amersfoort or any location (inside) where it is possible to set up a space where we can sit comfortably in a circle of chairs.
I also give special circles with the horses as co-facilitators: working with the horses in circle gives an extra dimension and is a very joyful and empowering experience.
CIrcles with the horses are possible at Ludmilla's Hoeve in Nijkerk (GLD) or at your own location with your own horses.