A Heart Centered approach to Horsemanship

Learning to create a Heart Connection with the Horse

I teach my HorseSense Connection Training™ through a practical step by step program that helps people to connect with and train a horse at liberty, based on safety, trust, love & kindness.

It is my passion to guide people on their journey to be the best person they can be for their horse. I do that by teaching them about "horse sense", how to use their body, mind and their energy to become a more balanced and heart-centered person.

It is a journey of awakening your awareness and sensibility in communicating with the horse through multi sensory awareness and heart-connected communication with the horse. to The goal is to develop more and more skills to become exactly that person the horse is looking for in you as it’s human partner. A partner he trusts, feels safe and comfortable with and is willing to cooperate with and learn from.

It is unnatural for a horse to connect with a human when he feels unsafe, uncomfortable and/or doesn't not trust your integrity and/or leadership. And when one or more of these core needs are not met during the interaction with a human, he will disconnect and look for it elsewhere. It results in flighty behavior, for example trying to break free from the longe-line or looking around a lot. Another strategy for the more introverted horses is to go internal, shut down which for example leads to dullness or hard to move.
In order to get the horse to trust you as a human on all levels (mind, body and spirit/heart) you have to prove to them that your intentions are sincere, heart-felt clear and fair.

So the key question I ask every time I work with a horse is: "what does the horse right here, right now need from me to feel safe and comfortable, to trust and respect me? And be willing to do this with me? Even though it brings up some anxiety/fear (through adrenaline) or resistance?
Who, what and where does the horse need me to be?”
Knowing that the horse will be able and willing to do anything for you once those ingredients are in place, my core intention in working with a horse is to always first connect from the heart and move on from there.

I coach people through training a horse first at Liberty – to Online in Hand – to Mounted in a Heart-Centered Connection.

To know yourself and become aware of what is really going on in your subconscious mind you will have to start listening to yourself.
Your body, your feelings, your emotions and your thoughts are your guides.
To be aware of them and learn to listen to them is the first step in Aligning your Mind & Body and have a Heart Centered Connection with yourself, others and your horse.

If you don't have your own horse, it is possible work with my own horses at one of the facilities in the Netherlands.
Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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