As a Heart Connection Relationship Coach it is my passion and desire to help you understand and help you to connect to yourself and others in a Heart centred and fully present and embodied way. Giving you tools and practices that empower you to become emotionally energetically free to express yourself fully in alignment with your purpose and your hearts desire.

My approach
I start by connecting with you through the heart in a Heart Intelligent, facilitating way. 
With my presence and energy I create a safe and comfortable space for you, allowing you to drop into the moment, become aware and connect to whatever wants to move and express itself from the inside of you in that moment.
Within that space we connect to your personal truth and wisdom and explore the possibilities that arise from allowing any energy (emotions) to move through and connect to this with love and compassion. Bringing your awareness to it and giving you some personal practical tools for you to use these energies/emotions that are moving through your body as information. They provide you information about your (subconscious) belief system and the connected defense/survival mechanisms you’ve build around yourself that holds you back from being your self and express yourself full and free. Once you’re aware of them in the present moment, and you can allow them to freely flow through you, then the magic happens: space opens up to new possibilities, new perspectives and from there new beliefs can be embraced and installed in your system.

I mostly work with people in co-facilitation with horses, and in working with horses, I use the connection you learn to make with the horse as a metaphor for the connection you have with yourself and others in life. Sometimes we go in movement, sometimes we practice more in stillness and being.
Besides working with the horses as co-facilitator, I also give personal sessions, workshops and heart circles without the horses. And in workshops and heart circles I usually like to work together with a collegue coach/trainer. 

My personal coaching sessions, workshops & heart circles can help you to:
• Become more aware of, connect to and understand what it is that is moving inside of you, while connecting with others and/or the horse
• Gain a better understanding of who and what you are as an individual and your power as the creator of your own reality
• Overcome anxiety, fear and resistance within yourself in any given situation
• Expand your emotional energetic range through heart intelligent communication skills and embodiment practices
• Discover your subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living the life you desire.
• Transform those beliefs into beliefs that empower and inspire you to live the life you desire based on love and compassion for yourself
• Become more confident and courageous in following your hearts desire
• Be able to deepen your relationships with other people (and horses) and be free to express yourself more authentically in their presence

Possibilities for individual coaching:
• sessions by phone or online through Skype (max. 1 hour per session)
• live sessions with me in my practice at home or at your home (1 hour per session)
• sessions with one of my horses in Achterveld in NL (max. 1 hour per session)
• sessions with your own horse at his home (1 to max. 1,5 hour per session)

My work as a coach is based and inspired by a diversity of education, workshops and personal experiences. The most important influences for my work are: Heart IQ by Christian Pankhurst, NLP (Practitioner & Train the Trainer), PSYCH-K Facilitator, Touch of Matrix, Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching by Kathy Pike, Tao of Horsemanship by Caroline Rider, Somatic Experiencing by Dr. P. Levine and the Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren.

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